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Italian Seafood Company‘s Purchase of Vacuum Packaging Machine from JAW FENG

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Italian Seafood Processing Company Buys Vacuum Packaging Machine from JAW FENG. It allows JAW FENG to Enter the European Vacuum Packaging Machine Market Successfully.

Taiwan, Chaiyi -- JAW FENG MACHINERY CO., LTD. (JAW FENG) is a vacuum packaging machine supplier that has been selling equipment worldwide in over 120 countries. Because JAW FENG's competitive vacuum packaging machine, they were able to expand the market in Europe successfully.

Foods of Scotland SRL is one of their clients from Italy that has been selling salmon and tuna in the fish market. Years ago, they went to a vacuum packaging equipment exhibition and wished to buy a vacuum packaging machine that would make their packaging process more efficient. After testing a vacuum packaging machine from JAW FENG with excellent performances, the fish company decided to buy the machine. That was the first time for them to buy a packaging machine from Taiwan, although feeling nervous about it, it was hard to say no to a nicely designed and reasonably priced packaging machine.

Six years later, the fish company visited JAW FENG at a trade show again and procured another vacuum packaging machine to enhance the look and feel of their fishes.

“Our experience with JAW FENG’s vacuum packaging equipment was highly satisfied, therefore we decided to purchase more in order to expand our business.”, the manager of Foods of Scotland SRL claimed.

For the last ten years, Foods of Scotland SRL has only switched one small component once, which was easy and straightforward. The reasonable price was the main reason for them to buy a heavy duty double chamber vacuum packaging machine ten years ago, but later they returned for its high quality.

heavy duty double chamber vacuum packaging machine of JAW FENG machinery Co., Ltd.

JAW FENG's heavy duty double chamber vacuum packaging machine, J-V013A

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JAW FENG's Innovative Vacuum Packaging Machine In Asia -- 100% automatic with PLC control panels

In Taiwan, JAW FENG sells over 3000 vacuum packaging machines a year. They are the largest and the most professional manufacturer that has been supplying high-quality vacuum packaging machines for more than 30 years.

JAW FENG has been selling their vacuum packaging machine worldwide in over 120 countries, particularly in Europe, North America, Japan, and Singapore. JAW FENG's food packaging machine has an excellent reputation for its long lifespan, which brings valuable attention from global buyers.

The economic's booming in developing countries is allowing people to afford more than before; hence it is also raising people's awareness of food quality and safety. Customers wish for food that can be packed safely in order to avoid food contamination, physical compression, temperature influence. Therefore, food processing companies started to deliver packaging solutions in Europe and procured food packaging machines including semi-automatic, 100% automatic and vacuum sealer machines to make their packed food look valuable and sophisticated. Knowing the potential market in Asia, JAW FENG started to design and fabricate innovative and functional packaging machines with reasonable price to compete with European manufacturers. Now, JAW FENG is a well-known vacuum packaging equipment supplier with the solid reputation.


JAW FENG MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a world-class food packaging equipment manufacturer with over 29 years of experience. The comprehensive technology has allowed JAW FENG to supply over 3,000 food packaging machines per year in order to meet the increasing demand in developed and developing countries. JAW FENG's machines are sold in over 120 countries and still continue to expand in various regions.

semiautomatic/automatic tray sealer with vacuum and gas flushing J-V052A

JAW FENG's semiautomatic/automatic tray sealer with vacuum and gas flushing, J-V052A