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Fast Cleaning. Auto Labeling System. Mass Seafood Packaging Vacuum Packaging Machine – JAW FENG

  • vacuum packaging for fish | seafood
  • vacuum packaging for fish | seafood

solid, heavy duty and high-quality packaging performance is assured

In Hong Kong, a well-known seafood company was looking for a productive packaging line to cope with the increased sales. It includes packaging of fishes, squids, clams and shrimp. At a tradeshow, JAW FENG's vacuum packaging machine attracted their experienced engineers' attention. "CE certified and meets European hygienic packaging standards. The design structure of packaging machine allows easy cleaning and the belt type process would increase production speed. Steel thickness is great, BUSCH pump, label printing and stainless-steel conveyor chains and components, it is what we are looking for.", an engineer recalled. Three months later, they visited JAW FENG's manufacturing plant and made an order.

Over 36 Years Food Packaging Machine OEM Manufacturing in Japan

For the last 30 years, JAW FENG has been manufacturing (OEM) J-V021 for numerous food machinery suppliers in Japan. Proficiently designed vacuum packaging machine has been sold with solid reputation. Now, it can be seen in many countries, including Singapore, Thailand, China, and it's making its way to Europe with production of over 200 units per year.

continuous belt vacuum packaging machine J-V021

Continuous belt vacuum packaging machine J-V021

Machine dimension1775 x 1540 x 1470 mm
Chamber dimension1105 x 460 x 80 mm
Sealing length1050 mm x 1
ApplicationsFresh meat, seafood, pickled vegetables, agricultural products, herbs, powder, spices, bean paste, prepared foods electronic parts, hardware products, medical instruments and medicine...etc.

Seafood/Fish Vacuum Packaging Machine – Fast & Easy Cleaning. Stainless Steel Component. CE Cert Conveyor Belt

During consultation, JAW FENG presented packaging solutions in respond to their requirements, which are higher production speed, able to pack various sizes of seafood, fits their elevator size, easy to clean and reasonably priced. For example, packing a variety of fresh seafood needs to avoid contamination, therefore, an easy to clean system without delaying production speed is essential. The machine would remove the air before sealing, air flushing. Also, 100% automatic vacuum packaging is not suggested due to various food sizes and the constant change of molds. More importantly, a label printing system to print out labels with production date, serial number and name of food soon after sealing would be a great feature. Consequently, the vacuum packaging machine should be able to lower labor cost and increase production speed.

    Based on the considerations, JAW FENG had put considerable efforts into vacuum packaging machine designs:
  1. Water Spread Pipe Easy to Clean System:
    JAW FENG's J-V021, air packaging machine has a unique design which allows fast cleaning. It removes food additives, ingredients and liquid from packaging. How does it work? Spread soap water on the conveyor, turn on machine, embedded water pipe starts to spread water while operation, every spot is washed. Once conveyor belt is dried from cleaning, it's ready to go again. There's no corrasion concern with 304 stainless steel-built components.
  2. conveyor  belt of J-V021

    Conveyor Belt Special Design for Contaminants Reduction

  3. Conveyor Belt Special Design for Contaminants Reduction:
    The vacuum packaging machine's conveyor belt is designed in a tilted angle to collect the liquid on one side. Tilting angle sealing effectively reduces the contaminants contributed during the process. Less mess, less cleaning jobs. Conveyor belt's tilted design avoids dirty work space.
  4. High Performance. Finest German Busch Pumps:
    All JAW FENG's food packaging machines are equipped with Busch vacuum pumps. Solid, heavy duty and high-quality performance is assured.
  5. Easy Maintenance and Replacement:
    The vacuum packaging machine is designed to last over 20 years. However, parts get worn out. Since parts are modularized, they are systematically manufactured with large inventory and can be ordered anytime. It makes your replacement fast and easy. Modularized components and parts have speed up the maintenance process. Parts can be replaced fast with no fuss and 100% service satisfactory is ensured. Vacuum packaging machine parts utilize 304 stainless steel to ensure its long-lasting machine life. Parts are easy to take apart for cleaning, which also means replacement/maintenance of the machine part is simple.
  6. Top-Grade Hygienic & Safety Certified:
    JAW FENG’s continually vacuum conveyor belt and clamping chain meets CE and HACCP certified meeting hygiene and safety standards, which is qualified to sell in Europe. The design of whole machine is 100% safety guaranteed. Wherever your hand reaches, there’s a protection designed to stop it. The pause function prevents injuries from happening during process.
  7. Patented Label Printing System:
    When selling food at supermarket or department stores, a label printed on a nicely packed box with detailed information can increase purchasing desire. JAW FENG’s patented design label printing system, equipped within the (J-V021) vacuum packaging machine, provides label printing with delivery date, expiry date, product name and more.
Continuous belt vacuum packaging machine J-V021 with printing system

Continuous belt vacuum packaging machine J-V021 with printing system

Advantage of J-V021 - Gas Flush. Double Chamber. Stainless Steel Components

The objective of the vacuum packaging machine design is to increase Hong Kong client's food packaging capability. J-V021 is a double chamber vacuum packaging machine equipped with a conveyor belt, which allows continuedly operating. Not only does vacuum bag (gas flush) filling packaging prolongs shelf life, the shipping time is extended as well.

Rather than single or double chamber design, the conveyor bail permits dynamic food packaging such as: fresh meat, seafood, pickled vegetables, agricultural products, herbs, powder, spices, bean paste and prepared foods.

Since 1983. 160 Countries. Vacuum Packaging Machine with Total Food Packaging Solutions from Taiwan

Why should you contact JAW FENG for a packaging machine consultation? For the last 36 years, there are 3,000/year of J-V021 food packaging machines sold under JAW FENG's New Diamond brand to over 160 countries. JAW FENG's sealing machine can be seen everywhere, globally.

Every buyer's goal is to run a food business that is cost effective and profitable. The challenge for a machine manufacturer to build a functional machine with all the concerns solved in one single food packaging machine, which would take years of experience to do so. The collected design concepts and the ability to make it happen shows the real skill set of JAW FENG.

Top-Grade Hygienic & Safety Certified Food Vacuum Packaging Machine - JAW FENG

JAW FENG Custom-Design Food Vacuum Packaging Machine - Efficient & Low Cost Food Packaging Solutions Meeting Top-Grade Hygienic & Safety Standards.

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