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JAW FENG High Reliability and Low-Cost Maintenance Vacuum Packaging Machine

JAW FENG MACHINERY CO., LTD. is one of the world-class vacuum sealing machines manufacturers with 36 years of experience. The comprehensive technology has allowed JAW FENG to supply over 3,000 food packaging machines per year in order to meet the increasing demand in developed and developing countries. JAW FENG's vacuum packaging machines are sold in over 160 countries and still continue to expand in various regions.

JAW FENG manufactures high-performance flexible food packaging equipment including food thermoformers, tray sealers with gas flushing, vacuum tumblers and vacuum packaging machines; and designs small to medium sizes of table top, single and deep chamber vacuum packaging machines for restaurant or food company owners.

Jaw Feng Machinery Co., Ltd.
Jaw Feng Machinery Co., Ltd.


Custom-design vacuum packaging equipment with total solutions

  • vacuum packed food
  • vacuum packed food
  • vacuum packed food
  • vacuum packed food

With over 36 years of food packaging machine experience, JAW FENG is capable of providing dynamic and innovative vacuum packaging solutions for your business. JAW FENG had designed a vacuum packaging machine for an egg processing company that requested to pack their eggs with egg yolk centered in the middle. They also had designed and fabricated a vacuum packaging machine that was requested to add reasonable weight for the seafood (shrimp, tuna, salmon fish). As a result, vacuum tumbler was introduced to the seafood processing companies. In Taiwan, there was a restaurant owner who wished to upgrade their meat quality in order to get more business and JAW FENG recommended the vacuum tumbler.

Self-Developed degassing valves

JAW FENG is specialized in supplying vacuum packaging machines, vacuum tumblers and automatic tray sealers with vacuum and gas flushing along with providing onsite installation and servicing for a wide range of industries. JAW FENG designed a degassing valve that is particularly for increasing the speed of dagassing while vacuum packaging machine is processing. Because of the high speed valve, the speed is increased by 30%, the production capability has upgraded.

over 3,000 vacuum machine for food packaging per year

over 3,000 vacuum machine for food packaging per year

JAW FENG's three production lines allowed them to manufacture over 3,000 vacuum machine for food packaging per year including single chamber vacuum packaging machine production line, double chamber vacuum packaging machine production line and continuous belt type automatic vacuum packaging machine production line. With three production lines operate 24hr/day, there's no inventory shortage for global buyers.

Easy replacement and maintenance

JAW FENG has more than 50 models of vacuum packaging machines which are all modular manufactured. The modular manufacturing system's great advantage is the easy replacement of each component. The modular system has made machine maintenance become very easy.

50 Models of Vacuum Packaging Machines For Your Food Products

JAW FENG has developed more than 50 models of vacuum packaging machines, which gives you great flexibility in choosing right packaging machines for all types of food including meat (beef, chicken, poultry, veal, mutton), dairy products (egg, cheese ), ready-to-eat (pizza, ham, bacon, dried fruit, dried nuts, sandwich, pickle, sausage), etc.

vacuum packaged food from a vacuum packaging machine

Optional functionalities for your vacuum packaging machine

For over 30 years, JAW FENG has built thousands of vacuum packaging machines, besides conventional vacuum packaging equipment, there include fish slice vacuum dyeing machine, ozone sterilizing water tank conveyor, vacuum packaging machine with injection printing system, metal detector and CIP cleaning system for your additional needs.

Up-To-Date vacuum packaging machine development

A trip though the local grocery store or traditional market shows the trend of vacuum packaging for food, and JAW FENG is always upgrading themselves to provide innovative packaging solutions. To enforce the protection of food, a new way of vacuum packing is to add an extra layer of packaging material after using tray sealer with vacuum and gas flushing. (put pic of new packaging method)

Precise welding on vacuum tumbler

The container of vacuum tumbler is built with certified stainless steel that is perfectly welded. No one wants to buy a vacuum tumbler that is badly welded, however, tumbler machine's thinness increases the difficulty to weld. When it fails to weld as expected, the whole stainless steel sheet is wasted. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that every piece of stainless steel sheet is welded perfectly to meet international buyers' standards. The exact welding on vacuum tumbler is what JAW FENG is proud of; their technicians' skillful welding capability allows them to conduct a fine line on the welded part.

Precise welding on vacuum tumbler

Precise welding on vacuum tumbler from JAW FENG MACHINERY CO., LTD.

BUSCH pump long-lasting vacuum packaging machine

German made BUSCH PUMP is JAW FENG's quality enforcement on their vacuum packaging machine. It ensures every food packaging machines lifespan and performance, and provides reliable packaging process.

    JAW FENG Vacuum Packaging Machines:
  • Table Top Vacuum Packaging Machine
  • Heavy Duty Vacuum Packaging Machine
  • Free Standing Vacuum Packaging Machine
  • Double Chambers Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine
  • High Speed and Heavy Duty Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine With Continuous Sequence
  • Brick Forming Vacuum Packaging Machine For Gusset Bag With Preformed Square Bottom
  • Tray Sealer With Vacuum and Gas Flushing
  • Heavy Duty External Vacuum Sealing and Packaging Machine
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  • Japan: 3116052
  • Thailand: 4868.5104
  • China: 450254.1008913

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