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table top vacuum packaging machine, J-V002

J-V002 table top vacuum packaging machine

Taiwan, Chaiyi -- JAW FENG MACHINERY CO., LTD. (JAW FENG) is one of the leading vacuum sealing machines manufacturers that has been selling vacuum packaging machines worldwide in over 160 countries. One of JAW FENG’s clients bought a vacuum packaging machine 22 years ago, 22 years later, he went back to visit JAW FENG for a pump replacement, which shows how long JAW FENG’s machine lasts. Mr. Chen bought a vacuum machine for food packaging twenty-two years ago, and it had never broken down since. Today, he brought the machine back to get the vacuum pump replaced for the first time. JAW FENG is an industrial vacuum packaging machine manufacturer with over 36 years of experience. They supply over 3,000 food packaging machines per year, and the vacuum packaging machines are sold in 160 countries worldwide.

Mr. Chen's vacuum packaging equipment was manufactured in Nov, 1991; it was the 225th machine. Today, the same packaging machine has sold over 20,000 units and the number is still going up steadily.

It turned out Mr. Chen and the owner of machine company were senior high school classmates, the vacuum pump’s replacement accidently brought the old friends back together after 22 years!

"With our high speed vacuum pump to extract the air from the entire chamber., the vacuum packaging equipment will last for another 10 years. For a packaging machine that lasts over 30 years - totally worth it!!" said the president of JAW FENG.

Heat strip from Jaw Feng vacuum packaging machine

Heat strip from Jaw Feng vacuum packaging machine

Besides food packaging, a table top vacuum packaging machine is also commonly used for other purposes. For the semiconductor, aircraft, firearm and telecommunications industries, each component is required to be sealed, dust and humidity proofed and vacuumed to ensure its sustained quality. JAW FENG has developed more than 50 models of vacuum sealing machines, which gives you plenty options to choose suitable packaging solutions.

JAW FENG's modular manufacturing system provides reliable quality control and precise work, increases production speed and prevents human error. Years ago, JAW FENG only had several of components modularized, now, JAW FENG has more than 300 machine components that are modularized in order to stay competitive.

table top vacuum packaging machine J-V001L and J-V002

JAW FENG's table top vacuum packaging machine, J-V001L and J-V002

Machine Dimension655 * 495 * 480 mm490 * 540 * 510 mm
Chamber Dimension600 * 376 * 134 mm435 * 425 * 170 mm
Seal Length360mm * 2420mm * 1
OptionsGas FlushingGas Flushing
J-V001L table top vacuum machine for food packaging
  • Fresh meat, seafood, pickled vegetables, agricultural products, herbs, powder, spices, bean paste and prepared foods...etc.
  • Electronic parts, hardware products, medical instruments, medicine...etc.
  • Maintain food's freshness and original flavor. Anti-spoiling.
  • Extended product shelf life.
  • Prevent electronic and hardware parts from oxidization.
  • Available for special applications.
  • Complete stainless steel structure for maximum durability.
  • Hygienic design, easy to clean.
  • Transparent upper lid provides clear visibility for packaging process.
  • Vacuum chamber with solid height adjustable filler plates.
  • Simple to operate microcomputer control system with multiple program setting options.
  • Ideal for smaller production, research departments and laboratories.

JAW FENG MACHINERY CO., LTD. -- A reliable vacuum packaging sealing system supplier - CE Certified, High Degassing speed

thermoforming packaging machine J-V9520L

thermoforming packaging machine J-V9520L

In Vancouver, Canada, Mr. Lee sells vacuum packaging equipment to many food processing companies, most of them are sold for packing frozen fish, meat products or any foods that require vacuum extraction, gas injection, sealing systems, etc. However, for a while, the bad quality of machines resulted in fewer returning clients and harm to his reputation.

Knowing that JAW FENG MACHINERY CO., LTD. (JAW FENG) has been selling vacuum packaging machines for more than 30 years and that their packaging equipment meet international standards, Mr. Lee decided to buy one from them. He hoped to save his damaged reputation, and that his packaging machine business will pick up again.

The business returned after he started selling JAW FENG's packaging sealing equipment. Mr. Lee realized that it's critical to have a reliable vacuum packaging sealing system supplier to build up a trustworthy relationship with clients. Rather than selling packaging equipment for food packaging, Mr. Lee slowly expanded the packaging range to various industries including electronics, medical and chemical, metal parts, etc.

Thermoforming packaging machine | vacuum machine for food packaging

Thermoforming packaging machine J-V9520L

JAW FENG's thermoforming packaging machine (using container or film) is designed to meet CE's safety standards. The thermoforming packaging machine is designed with sensitive sensor technology; when you lift the lid, the re-closure system shuts down automatically. It is built with German-made BUSCH vacuum pump and the self-designed degassing valve has increased degassing speed by 30%. The thermoforming packaging machine from JAW FENG uses high purity stainless steel from Taiwan. If you wish to increase your production capability, you could extend the filling area by adding more lines. If you wish to provide dynamic packaging solutions, it takes only 3-5 minutes to switch the molds.

thermoforming packaging machine J-V9520L

JAW FENG's thermoforming packaging machine J-V9520L

Machine Dimension5600 * 1050 * 1550 mm
Width of Forming Film524 mm
Width of Sealing Film504 mm
Max. Forming Internal320 * 482 mm
Max. Forming Depth80 mm
Air Supply6 bar
Water Consumption60 ~ 100 L/H
PowerApply to using area.
  • Fresh meat, seafood, pickles, vegetables, agricultural products, herbs, bean paste, prepared foods, electronic parts, medical instruments and medicine...etc.
  • Special design is available for various product.
  • Date Injection.
  • Date Thermal Printing.
  • Labeling.
  • Water Cooling Machine.
  • Cross cutting applies to different pattern.
  • Durable stainless steel construction.
  • High eficient European Vacuum Pump.
  • Touch screen with choice of multi-language which is easy reading and ooperation.
  • Forming depth is adjustable.
  • Machine can be set up for clear and printed film.
  • Fast, simple, easy change over for die sets.
  • Safety measures conform to CE requlations.
  • Cycle speed is adjustable by touch panel.

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