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Taiwan, Chaiyi -- JAW FENG MACHINERY CO., LTD. (JAW FENG) is one of the leading vacuum packaging machine suppliers that has been selling vacuum packaging machines worldwide in over 160 countries, especially in Europe, North America, Japan, which make up 60% of their sales, Singapore, which makes up 10%, and others, which account for the remaining 30%.

JAW FENG's food packaging machine is reputable in developed countries because of their high-quality machines; they know only reliable and cost-effective vacuum packaging machine can satisfy their customers' high expectation. With 29-year of vacuum machine for food packaging experience, JAW FENG was able to apply modular design into packaging machine manufacturing, which means fast replacement using modular parts, more adaptive manufacturing process, greater flexibility on customization, standardized interfaces and lower manufacturing cost. The modular design and manufacturing has allowed JAW FENG to provide custom packaging solutions in dynamic food industry including seafood, meat, pickled food, dried food and ready-to-cook foods.

When you purchase a vacuum packaging machine from JAW FENG, there are numerous functions for you to select including cleaning, auto-labeling, metal detector, processing date and valid date labeling, etc.

"As one of the vacuum sealing machines manufacturers, it is important to know what's going on in the market. Therefore when I go to different country for trade shows, I always visit the local supermarkets and traditional markets to find out about our participation in the market. One time I was visiting in Japan, I saw three JAW FENG's table top vacuum packaging machines out of eight, which was kind of comforting." Kuo Feng Piao, the managing director of JAW FENG said.

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JAW FENG's vacuum packaging machines

vacuum packaging foods

JAW FENG MACHINERY CO., LTD. vacuum packaging machines offer the most effective solutions for food processing companies to avoid:

  • Food deterioration
  • Contamination by dirt (by contact with surfaces and hands)
  • Contamination by micro-organisms (bacteria, moulds, yeasts)
  • Contamination by parasites (mainly insects)
  • Contamination by toxic substances (chemicals)
  • Influences affecting color, smell and taste (off-odor, light, oxygen)
  • Loss or uptake of moisture (evaporation or water absorption)

Vacuum packaging machine is a defense for anti oxygen, human contact and bacteria; it is a protection from dust, retention of freshness, color, fragrance and nutrition of food and it extends shelf life of food products. Vacuum package provides food security and with the tag on the package, it becomes value-added and informative.

J-V021 for Seafood Hub Ltd.

Seafood Hub Ltd. (TDM) TDM started its operations with loins and now exports 2,000 tones each month to canning factories. Using the experience thus gained, it then turned towards finished products. Its main markets are Europe (Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium and Denmark) and the United States. TMD procured JAW FENG's heavy duty double chamber vacuum packaging machines to pack fish and meat. JAW FENG's heavy duty double-chamber vacuum packaging machine is built with adjustable filler plates; flat deck ensures easy cleaning and space for food handling. Microcomputer control system with 12-language selections and waterproof. Electronic and hardware parts are anti-oxidation.

JAW FENG's heavy duty double-chamber vacuum packaging machine J-V021

JAW FENG's heavy duty double-chamber vacuum packaging machine J-V021

J-V016A for Embutidos La Encina

Embutidos La Encina is a company specialized in developing, marketing and distribution of meat products including marinated tenderloin, marinated bacon, rib abobada, braised palette, baked steak, etc. Embutidos La Encina offers fresh, cured, marinated, salted and cooked. JAW FENG has been Embutidos La Encina's food packaging machine supplier for years. The vacuum packaging machine they purchased, heavy duty double-chamber automatic vacuum packaging machine, was able to maintain food's freshness and flavor with its design. It is designed to exceed your expectation.

J-V016A for Gräflich Castell'sche Delikatessen GmbH

Gräflich Castell'sche Delikatessen GmbH has been a fishing family for more than 50-year and supplies seafood products including fresh, smoked, frozen fishes, oyster and shellfish. They've bought a deep chamber vacuum packaging machine for fish packaging and they were happy about it.

JAW FENG's heavy duty double-chamber automatic vacuum packaging machine J-V016A

JAW FENG's heavy duty double-chamber automatic vacuum packaging machine J-V016A

In 2014, food industry is expecting to sell more food than before due to the new meat processing technology. Dynamic food processing methods are providing human beings with various food options, and excellent vacuum packaging technologies are delivering better methods for consumers to preserve their food longer. In European or western countries, where the developed countries are, food packaging is essential for many reasons and there are more packed food selections for customers to choose from including sausages, pickles, seafood, meatballs, dried fruits, candy, tea, ready-to-eat meal, pre-packaged lunchmeats, various cuts of steaks, ground beef, eggs, etc. In developed countries, most of the foods are packed with vacuum packaging machines before shipping to the supermarket by food processing companies. At the traditional market, each meat and seafood vendor has a table top vacuum packaging machine to provide hygienic and preservation services.

Accordingly, developing countries now eat up for almost half of the total world food productions because of the booming economy; people have higher income to eat out and serve more food in the daily meal. Vacuum packaging machine's demand is also increasing to meet consumers' expectations on food packaging.

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