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Leading Singapore Fish Processing Company Uses JAW FENG Food Thermoforming Machines to Pack Fishes - - 50 Models, CE, ISO Cetified, 12-Language Control Panel, German-Made BUSCH Vacuum Pump

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Taiwan, Chaiyi -- JAW FENG MACHINERY CO., LTD. (JAW FENG) is one of the prime thermoforming machine manufacturers with over 36 years of experience. Chun Cheng Fishery is a fish processing company and they have been cutting and packing fish for years, including swordfish, oil fish, tuna, marlin, shark, etc. Chun Cheng Fishery, because of the increasing business, food thermoforming machines are required for business expansion. After a series of considerations and evaluations, including plant expansion, vacuum packaging machine functionality and price comparison, Chun Cheng Fishery chose Taiwanese JAW FENG's food thermoforming machine above three other thermoforming machine manufacturers from Germany.

JAW FENG has more than 50 models of vacuum packaging machines built using the modular manufacturing system, it makes maintenance easy and fast. JAW FENG cooperated with a leading electronic company to provide 12-language control panels. Food thermoforming machine with 12-language control panel provides great flexibility to choose any languages you want, and the cycling speed is adjustable. JAW FENG's food thermoformer allows extra function's implementation including vacuum pump, automatic feeding, printing, labeling, water cooling, metal detecting, etc.

Over the past few decades, there has been a tendency to buy German made machines when making vacuum packaging equipment such as food thermoformer, tray sealer or vacuum tumbler procurement decisions. However, due to the recent upgraded skillful machine design and manufacturing, Made-in-Taiwan food thermoformers have been standing out and making a good impression to attract international buyers. The recent Taiwanese vacuum packaging machine supplier beat out three German companies in obtaining an order from the largest Singaporean seafood processing company was one of the cases.

thermoforming packaging machine | vacuum packing machine

JAW FENG's thermoforming packaging machine, J-V9420

food thermoformer - J-V9420 parts

Made-In-Taiwan Food Thermoforming Machine, The Quality Is Competitive and the Price Is Reasonable

Chun Cheng Fishery had been using German made vacuum machine for fish packaging; nevertheless, the growing business urged them to gain more equipment. Chun Cheng Fishery surveyed four vacuum packaging machine companies: three German and one Taiwanese companies, and as a result, JAW FENG MACHINERY CO., LTD., the Taiwanese supplier of food thermoformers, received the order based on their capabilities.

Compared to the other three German companies, JAW FENG's vacuum packaging machine not only have the equivalent quality, their additional excellence convinced the Singaporean company to select them.

vacuum-packaging fish
    JAW FENG's Food Thermoforming Machines:
  • are sold in over 160 countries,
  • are built with 100% stainless steel,
  • have European imported (BUSCH, etc.) components,
  • have 12-language control panel display,
  • are patented and certified machine,
  • have more than 60 models of machines,
  • have 5 min mold switching time,
  • maintain a complete inventory of machine parts,
  • short shipping distance,
  • have easy-to-replace components with a defined manual,
  • built with sensitive sensor technology,
  • produce long-lasting food packaging,
  • can be tailor-made with unique-designed,
  • built with re-closure system,
  • have reasonable price, etc.

JAW FENG's food thermoforming machine gave them an advantage which allowed them to win the bid. As a result, Chun Cheng Fishery was pleased by having the thermoforming vacuum packaging machines to make their business profitable.

Food Thermoforming Machines – German-made BUSCH vacuum pump, CE, ISO, 30% speed increasing for better production capability

JAW FENG's food thermoforming machine or other vacuum packaging machine (using container or film) is designed to meet CE's safety standards. The food thermoformer is designed with sensitive sensor technology; when you lift the lid, the re-closure system shuts down automatically. It is built with German-made BUSCH vacuum pump and the self-designed degassing valve has increased degassing speed by 30%. The thermoforming packaging machine from JAW FENG uses high purity stainless steel from Taiwan. If you wish to increase your production capability, you could extend the filling area by adding more lines. If you wish to provide dynamic packaging solutions, it takes only 3-5 minutes to switch the molds.

food thermoforming machines

JAW FENG's food thermoforming machine, J-V9420

JAW FENG fabricates their own moulds!

Most of JAW FENG's clients procure one food thermoforming machine but come back with requirements on moulds based on their packaging needs.

Food thermoforming machine is commonly used for steaks, sandwich wedges, sausages, cheese slices, ham, bacon, fresh meat, seafood, pickled vegetables, agricultural products, tea leaves, herbs, powder, spices, bean paste, prepared foods, etc.

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