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JAW FENG vacuum tumbler meets top Filipino meat processing company requirements

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Taiwan, Chaiyi -- Pampanga's Best is one of the largest Filipino meat processing companies specialized in making cured meat including tocino, tapa, bacon, hot dogs, ham, longaniza sausage, burger patty, meat loaf, etc. They came up with a formula to cure the meat, it is called tocino. Tocino became so popular that Pampanga's Best came out with more variety of cured meat. Meat marinating was one of the procedures used to tenderize and enhance the taste of meat; therefore, vacuum tumbler was needed to do the job.

JAW FENG's vacuum tumbler was designed with variable sizes (from 150 liters up to 4,000 liters); 150 liters for restaurant owners or 4,000 liters for food processing companies. For restaurants and meat processing companies that wish to shorten meat marinating time, increase meat quality, and make their business more profitable, JAW FENG has the best selection. After testing JAW FENG's machine, Pampanga's Best bought three vacuum tumblers with masage function at the beginning, and because of their great performance, more meat tumblers were procured later. So far, there are twelve vacuum tumblers currently operating at the plant.

JAW FENG's vacuum tumbler is designed to allow all the food in the barrel to roll out automatically 100% without anything left behind, and it comes in various sizes. From 150 liters up to 4,000 liters; 150 liters for restaurant owners or 4,000 liters for food processing companies. The 12-language control panel on the vacuum tumbler provides dynamic languages for your convenience. When you procure vacuum tumblers from JAW FENG, you will receive equivalent quality of machines and services just like other well-known food processing equipment manufacturers.

JAW FENG's vacuum tumbler is a stainless steel food processing equipment that is particularly used for meat marinating and seasoning in order to achieve the desired meat tenderness, juiciness and flavor. It imitates human being's hand to soften the meat smoothly with controllable speed until it reaches desired tenderness. The vacuum meat tumbler operates in the vacuum environment; the airless element prevents meat oxidation, retains its freshness and prolongs the conservation period. Inside the barrel, a rotating drum with paddles inside slowly moves the meat pieces thus causing a mechanical massaging effect.

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vacuum tumbler is excellent for achieving desired meat tenderness, juiciness and flavor

JAW FENG's meat tumbler machine is excellent for achieving desired meat tenderness, juiciness and flavor

JAW FENG MACHINERY CO., LTD. -- a vacuum tumbler machine and packaging equipment supply for high-quality meat

Meat tumbler has changed our food quality and market tremendously by allowing food processing companies and restaurant owners to improve the meat we eat every day. Because of the vacuum tumbler, the meat is softer, tastier, not wasted and the price is more acceptable for consumers. For business owners who wish to supply value-added, ready-to-cook meat products and reduce labor costs, it has enriched the meat feature and benefitted sales.

Between muscle fibres, blood vessels, connective tissues and fat deposits, not only the price of meat but also meat process procedure is diverse. When the meat is cooked, fried or barbecued, different animal species, ages and parts of meat turn out to have various tastes and tenderness. Lean meat is one of the best parts of the meat but also costly and may not be affordable to everyone. To make the matured or tough meat more tender and to minimize bad odours, seasoning and marinating is usually necessary. In the olden days, marinated meat was put in a big bucket for days, which was time-consuming, not cost-effective and also increased the risk of food contamination. Therefore, vacuum tumbler came along to meet the requirements.

vacuum tumbler J-VM150

JAW FENG's Vacuum Tumbler, J-VM150

    In addition, a detailed report is provided when purchasing a meat tumbler with vacuum function. It contains:
  • stainless steel purity report,
  • production capability per cycle,
  • production capability per minut,
  • product value after the machine is applied,
  • cost-saving analysis.
  • vacuum tumbler can increase juiciness
  • vacuum tumbler can upgrade meat tenderness and make you slice the meat more easliy
    JAW FENG's vacuum tumbler packaging equipment advantages:
  • Cure color evenness
  • Increased juiciness
  • Upgraded meat tenderness
  • Easier to slice the meat
  • Busch pump
  • Liquid trap to protect the pump
  • Maximum hygiene
  • Considerable increase in weight

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meat tumbler

JAW FENG's vacuum tumblers: J-VM150/J-VM300, J-VM600/J-VM1000, J-VM2000/J-VM3000/J-VM4000

Metzgerei Himperich also uses JAW FENG's vacuum tumblers to tender the meat

Metzgerei Himperich is a food caterer, a food supplier with delivery services, and a raw meat wholesaler. Metzgerei Himperich's food services provide customers dynamic selections of foods including fresh meats, tender meat for juicy steaks, crispy roasts or tasty ready meals, sliced and roasted meats, sausages, etc.

To enhance meat quality, they use vacuum meat tumblers to soften and marinate the meat. JAW FENG is their long-term vacuum tumbler supplier and the efficient machine has assisted the food company to expand their business fast. The vacuum tumbler built by JAW FENG is easy to operate and allows 24-hour operation. The speed is changeable for different products.

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